Thank you for wanting to submit your idea, treatment or script to LIVE'N'LOUD. It is the policy of LIVE'N'LOUD to require any individual(s) who wish to submit material for our consideration to execute a Release prior to review of the material.

Accordingly, I ask that you print & review the Release Form, sign it to indicate your recognition and acceptance of the policies, terms and conditions contained within the Release, and mail it before you send your material. LIVE'N'LOUD will contact you by E-mail when we receive your signed Release Form. You may then send your material to us for review. Your material will not be read or otherwise considered by LIVE'N'LOUD until we have received the executed Release.

Please note that LIVE'N'LOUD and its affiliated and related entities are constantly developing programming, promotional, and other ideas independently or jointly with third parties. Accordingly, LIVE'N'LOUD and its affiliated and related entities hereby reserve all rights to develop any ideas conceived independently, either alone or with a third party, without obligation to you, even if such ideas are similar or identical to the idea(s) contained in your material.

We look forward to reviewing your material once we have received a signed release and thank you for your interest in LIVE'N'LOUD.