Feel free to contact anyone on this page if you need professional stunt people, choreography, licensed explosive experts, etc.

If you have a stunt team and would like to be listed, send us the following:

  • Logo/Name
  • Head Shots (optional)
  • Resumé/Credentials
  • Proof of License(s)
    or Credentials*
    see below
  • Demo Tape

We require a little more from Stunt Teams due to the potential danger. If you're a bad actor or camera operator, no one necessarily gets hurt. If you aren't properly trained or licensed for stunts, explosions, etc., it could be fatal.

* Stuntmen/teams must show valid proof (e.g.license, bonded, insurance, union info, etc.)to be placed on this page.

Send all material to

c/o Ethan Nahté
P.O. Box 29336
Dallas, TX 75229


When you need professional stunt men and women for fight scenes, weaponry, falls, horseback riding, and licensed explosives, you need the Prometheus Stunt Team.

These guys have credentials that will blow your mind!

Contact Glenn at Prometheus

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