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Creative Composers!

Jean-Michel Jarre: Vive la France!
Vangelis: The Father of "Heaven & Hell"
Yanni: The Greek Chameleon
Mike Oldfield: Islands & Exorcist
Kitaro: The Astral Voyager
Tomita: The Firebird of The Rising Sun
Larry Fast: The Synergist
Klaus Schulze: The German Forefather
Tangerine Dream: Soundscapes & Illusions
Suzanne Ciani: Play it Pianissimo
Craig Chaquico: From Starship to "Navajo Stars"
R. Carlos Nakai: Tales of Tatanka
Victor Cerullo: Italian Inventions & Compositions
Wendy Carlos: Switched on Bach
Kraftwerk: Speeding down the "Autobahn"

Instrumentally Speaking

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