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LIVE'N'LOUD began as the home for a cable access TV program, in January of 1994, that helped local Rock bands in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. The program's producer/director Ethan Nahté began writing for a local hard rock magazine about the same time, becoming their Chief Staff Writer.

After 4 years, he left the magazine, kept the TV program and now writes for various magazines around the world. You will find links on this page to current interviews and reviews of articles published on the internet. He has also began production of a new music program called SoundScapes featuring the beautiful KAT as your host!

NOTICE - Both shows are no longer airing. We are currently in the process of attempting to get all of the programs digitized and recorded to DVD beginning in 2009.

Let The Muzik do the Talking!

Tish Rogers: Original Neo-Classical Muzik 4 the New Millinneum!

Muzik 4 Sale!: Order CDs & Videos, including imports!

History Of The Synthesizer: A documentary on the 20th century instrument that changed the music world!

Friendz!: Cool links & sites. Do we need to say anything else?

Muzik Links: Cool links & sites to artists homepages, organizations and record labels.

Pix! Flix! SFX Trix!: The site for professional video and film productions!

Writings on the Wall: Links to articles & interviews with authors, actors/actresses, and music/band interviews by Ethan Nahté & Friends.

Graffix!: Your connection to professional layout, design , and pre-press!

Pix: Need promo pix or headshots? Check out these photographers.

Movies 4 Sale!: Order your Faves right from your computer!

LIVE'N'LOUD TV: See who's been on the hard rock/metal show and how to get your band on it as well!

SoundScapes TV: See who's been on our other music TV program and how to get your band on it as well!

Record Labels TV:Looking for a record label's website? We may have it here.


The Universal Language!

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