Pick an Artist

Anathema: A Very Unique Band...

Alice Cooper: Father of Shock Rock!

Dio: The Bard of the Fantasy World...

Dokken:The Dream Warriors!

Enuff Z'Nuff: Fly High with the Noize Boys from Illinois!

The Genitorturers: They'll bring you Pleasure & Pain!

Iron Maiden: Up the Irons if you Dare!

KISS:The Hottest Band in the World!

Michael Harris: Madman on Guitar!

Mötley Crüe: Grab the Live Wire!

Motorhead: Lemmy & the Boyz!

Ted Nugent: The Motor City Madman

PC69: The next big rock band to X-cape out of Germany!

Quiet Riot: Bang Your Head!

Skid Row: Problem Children!

LIVE'N'LOUD TV: Hard Rock/Metal Performances'n'Interviews!

History Of The Synthesizer

Some of your favorite metal musicians will be appearing here!

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