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Mike Keneally


Mike Keneally, who was in Frank Zappa's band in 1988 and has also played with Steve Vai, Robert Fripp, Kevin Gilbert and Mullmuzzler, sent his then-new release "Sluggo!" to publicist Anne Leighton.It reminded her a bit of Todd Rundgren's music mixed with "my type of music!"

Over the years Mike and Anne stayed in touch with each other. A few times they also considered matching up each other's talents in a work situation--Mike plays, Anne hypes. "The truth is, my strength is as a tour ministress of propaganda," Anne says. She even encouraged Mike to hire Susan Clary to hype the release of the current album, DANCING.

Mike Keneally and Beer for Dolphins will be touring the Midwest and Northeast this May.The tour will include street help from Keneally fans throughout the country, christened "Guest Hosts," reporting to Field Marshalls Ron Spiegelhalter and Scott Lurowist. Minister of Internet Propaganda is Jon Neill.

Mike Keneally and Beer for Dolphins feature:

  • 1) Mike Keneally: vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • 2) Bryan Beller: bass, vocals
  • 3) Marc Ziegenhagen: keyboards, vocals
  • 4) Rick Musallam: guitar, vocals
  • 5) Evan Francis: sax, flute
  • 6) Tricia Williams: vibes, percussion
In addition, Keneally will be playing clinics for Taylor acoustic guitars between full band dates.

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