Dio Discography

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Angry Machines



Diamonds:The Best Of Dio

Dream Evil

Holy Diver

Inferno-Last In Live

Last In Line

Lock Up The Wolves


Sacred Heart

Strange Highways

Very Beast Of Dio



Anthology 2

Anthology V.2

Anthology Vol 2

Diamonds (Best Of)

Diamonds: Best Of (Ger)

Dream Evil

Elf Albums

Intermission (Ger)

Lock Up The Wolves

Magica (+1 Bonus Track)


18 Headbangers From The 80'S

Cryptkeeper: Monsters Of Metal

Vision Quest Soundtrack

Youth Gone Wild: Vol. 1-Heavy Metal Hits Of The

Bang Your Head: Vol. 2-Best Of 80'S Metal

LNL Producer Lisa Alexander & Ronnie James Dio

at The Bronco Bowl - Dallas, TX, April, 2001

Dio's new album and tour - MuzikNewz

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