Feel free to contact anyone on this page for your next project.

If you're a Voice Over Talent and want to have your headshot on the net, then send us your

  • Head Shot
  • Resumé
  • Demo Tape/CD
  • Contact Info

It's not necessary to have an E-mail address or website, but if you do, make sure you include it as well. Make certain the Contact Info is where you can be reached or left a message, whether it be an Agent or you're address. Please send an address or phone number where people may contact you that won't interfere with your private life or safety .

Send your material to


c/o Ethan Nahté

P.O. Box 29336

Dallas, TX 75229


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If you need Female V.O. talent, then why not check out one of these talented ladies:

Peggilee: She has written copy & recorded for over a hundred companies!

Rich Brennan H: 516-454-0859 JustMyVoice@Yahoo.com

After it's all done and overwith; what you're left with is: JustMyVoice. When you need someone that's been in the industry for awhile and can get the job done professionally, check out Rich Brennan

Debbie Alcocer: A talented DJ that can do your V.O. in Spanish or English!

Looking for a V.O. guy that has an extremely wide range? Check out the Voice Guyy!