Diverse! Energetic! Entertaining! Diligent!

Tish Rogers' D.E.E.D. in life is to accomplish happiness not only for herself, but for the entire world!

Over the past four decades, Rogers has consistently made a career out of her love for music:

Teaching, Volunteering, Orchestrating, Performing Live, and is the recipient of the John Phillip Sousa Award. Now, she is ready to bring her creative catalog of talent to the forefront with the release of Joy and Romance.

Based in Dallas, Texas for the past decade, Rogers is no stranger to being on the road, performing in clubs, lounges, and even rest homes throughout the south and the plains. Not only is she ready to go out and perform live in larger halls and venues, she is wanting to bring her music to the electronic media and propel herself into the Digital Age with a Renaissance video. Her first video currently in pre-production is "Knight in Shining Armor," a fantasy piece that will magically transform viewers from the modern world to the Age of Chivalry.

As a matter of fact, all of Joy and Romance is a fantastical escape into the listener1s most imaginative dreams, yielding a host of beautiful thoughts that embrace the soul.