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Andrew French w/KISS tribute band Hotter Than Hell

He is now with Strutter.

Click on the pic to read an interview with French.

Peter Criss: The Catman

No doubt about it, Peter Criss has influenced many of today's drummers and it's great to see him pounding the skins once more for KISS. The entire reason that I got into the entertainment field was due to my love of KISS and Peter's drumming.

You'll find links to a video interview with Peter Criss during his solo days with his band Criss, as well as links to sites dedicated to the Cat and a list of other Cat Fans that you can chat with.

Talk to other Cat Fans here: The Catman!

Visit a site dedicated to Peter, Eric, & Eric.

(Banner courtesy of Drummers of KISS)

Click on one of the pix below to find out about the 1995 video interview with the entire band Criss.

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