The first list , Previously Broadcast Videos, is edited videos that have been broadcast on television. The second list is interviews and/or footage that has been shot, but are still waiting to be edited and broadcast. These are not available to the public yet since we sell videos exactly as they air. Prices cover the cost of stock, machine wear & tear, shipping & handling. Since anyone can simply copy the show straight from their TV, the tapes are not for profit. By the same token, because the program is solely funded by Ethan Nahté and done with the help of volunteers, the programs aren't fancy $100,000 episodes, but they are still good audio/visual quality, typically shot with S-VHS and occasionally shot on BetacamSP.

Once again, We Do Not Sell any raw (unedited) footage of interviews or performances. LIVE 'N' LOUD does not support or participate in bootleg footage! It is not fair to the musicians and/or the labels.

Tapes are $20 (U.S.) each for 60 Minute programs and $15 (U.S.) each for 30 Minute programs. This includes shipping and handling for U.S.A. & Canada only. All foreign orders are an additional $40 (U.S.) each and must include which format (Secam or PAL)is needed. Send Certified Check or Money Order to the address on this page. Please include physical address and phone number with payment. No more than 3 copies of any program will be sold to any buyer. (Like I said, we don't like bootleggers!)

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LIVE'N'LOUD Music Videos

1) Previously Broadcast:

Yngwie Malmsteen

Peter Criss (KISS-includes premier of CRISS video {Show Me." LIVE 'N' LOUD was the 1st in the world to premier the video from CRISS)

Slaughter #1 (1995 Interview w/Tim Kelly, Blas Elias, & Dana Strum)[No longer available]

Warrant (some performance footage & interview w/Jani Lane & Jerry Dixon)

Cinderella (Interview w/Tom Keiffer)[No longer available]

Quiet Riot (1 hr-includes rare Randy Rhoads footage & an interview with Kevin Dubrow, Frankie Banali, Carlos, Cavazo, & Chuck Wright)

Aerosmith/Dixie Dregs (Interview w/Steve Morse, Rod Morgenstein, & T Lavitz)

Trixter (some performance footage w/interview)

Solitude Aeturnus (interview/performance)

Randy Castillo & Joe Holmes (Ozzy)

Slaughter Documentary-Tim Kelly Tribute (60 Minutes, includes 1995 & 1997 interviews)

Union/Iron Maiden (Iron Maiden includes "The Angel & The Gambler")

Saxon (30 minute interview/Live performance & 30 minutes of music videos including Anathema, Anthrax, SamIAm, & Chet Arthur) - 60 minutes

CMC Music Video Special w/Slaughter, Warrant, Motorhead, Kix, and Overkill

Punk Music Video Special w/NY Loose, Lit, The Humpers,The Descendants, and more

Super 8/Weapon of Choice

Iron Maiden (Includes Dave Murray & Nicko McBrain interview & performance footage as well as interviews and performance footage & music videos from label - 60 minutes

Dokken 60 minutes & interview w/Wild Mick Brown

Slaughter #2 (1998 Interview-30 minutes with some live performance & Special Edition of "Fly to the Angels" & interview with Mark Slaughter & Jeff Blando)

Cinderella - 60 Minutes ('95 Interview w/Tom Keifer & '98 Interview w/Jeff LeBar)

Blue Oyster Cult (Live Performance & Interview w/Buck Dharma & Erik Bloom)& April Wine (interview w/Brian Greenway) - 60 minutes

The Genitorturers (Live Performance & Interview)& The Hunger - 60 minutes

Godsmack/Grinspoon/Apartment 26 (Interviews only - 60 minutes)

Enuff Z'Nuff/Great White/Firehouse (Interviews & "Freak" video by EZN - 60 minutes)

Megadeth/The Genitorturers/Quiet Riot summer of '99 interviews - 60 minutes.

Andre Augustine/Bruce Kulick/Hotter Than Hell/Eric Carr Tribute

Iron Maiden/DOKKEN/Great White - Fall'99 (Iron Maiden footage is news of Ed interview)

Warrant/RATT (Includes live performance of Warrant, interviedw with Jani & Jerry, Interview with Bobby Blotzer, and music videos from Coal Chamber & Ozzy, Type O Negative, Judas Priest, and Fear Factory. 60 Minutes)

Slaughter/Soul Motor -'99 Rock Never Stops Tour; Interview w/Mark Slaughter. Interview w/Brian Wheat (ex-Tesla) and other members of Soul Motor

Machine Head/Coal Chamber/Type O Negative

Dio (Interview w/Dio and keyboardist Scott Warren + live footage)

Motley Crue (Vince Neil interview and live footage)

Apartment 26/Methods of Mayhem (Interviews with John & Biff of Apt. 26. Interviews w/Tommy Lee, Steve & Tilo of MOM)


The Genitorturers Halloween '99

Blue Oyster Cult '99

Firehouse- Fall '99

Cake/StereoMud/Union Underground (Union Underground interview. Remainder of program is music videos and interview with Scott Long of Sony Music)

2) Waiting to be Broadcast

Andy Timmons(1995 & 1996 performances- no interviews yet, will be 1 hr. minimum)

Billy Squier

The Misfits

Freakers Ball '99 w/Slipknot/Machine Head/Sevendust/Coal Chamber/Megadeth

Kevin Eastman, publisher of the killer mag Heavy Metal

The Unband/Def Leppard (Interviews w/The Unband & live footage of both)

Dio Interview 2001 + Live Footage


Nothingface Interview/Performance

3 Doors Down Interview/Performance

Nickelback Interview

Don Dokken Interview

Tesla Interview/Performance

Spinal Tap - Harry Shearer and Michael McKean Interview

Penelope Spheeris Interview

SR-71 Interview/Performance

Blue Oyster Cult - 2001 interview

Quiet Riot/Poison/Enuff Z'Nuff 2001 Interviews

Any band requesting their name to be taken off this list may do so at anytime by contacting LIVE'N'LOUD on official letterhead from the label/publicist/management.

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