For more than 20 years, the French synthesist has written, recorded, and performed some of the best instrumental music in the world! Below is a list of music and videos available, as well as a link to an Italian club dedicated to Jarre. Too bad it's not as easy to get ahold of the unique and unusual instruments, such as the Laser Harp and the Synthex, that Jarre performs with. If you've never seen Jarre in concert, I highly recommend getting one of his videos. Filled with lasers, fireworks, and images as large as skyscrapers, Jarre makes most rock concerts look tame!!!

Straight to the Source!

Find Jarre's latest CD M.A.S.S. or his new DVD Live in Moscow
It features a full concert plus a biopic that includes interviews with Jarre, his family, band and former teachers with some rare photos and film footage.
C'est Magnifique!!!

Or, browse the list to see the special items that are available. Some links include Realaudio! Albums

Chants Magnetiques


En Attendant Cousteau

Equinoxe (24k Gold UltraDisc)


Equinoxe (Vinyl)

Hong Kong

Images-Best Of Jarre (3 Bonus Trax, not on original release)

In Concert Houston & Lyon


Oxygene (Vinyl)

Oxygene (24k Gold Ultradisc)


Oxygene 7-13



Vol. 1-Concerts In China

Vol. 2-Concerts In China



Oxygene 10 (Vinyl or CD)

Oxygene 8 (Vinyl or CD)

Import Albums

Oxygene 7-13 (1 bonus Track- Japanese Release)

Tribute Albums

VA-Jarre Logic

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