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Get ready to hunt down Eddie in the new Synthetic Dimension game Ed Hunter. Take a trip through Iron Maiden's albums as you track down the ghoulish mascot of one of Britain's greatest metal bands. You can find out more about the video game here.

You can also find out more about the game here in this Interview with guitarist Dave Murray and drummer Nicko McBrain. You can also see the interview. Just contact us at NAHTEBOY or click the link for our TV program LIVE'N'LOUD.

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Best Of The Beast

Fear Of The Dark

Iron Maiden


Live After Death

Live At Donnington

No Prayer For The Dying

Number Of The Beast

Piece Of Mind

Playing With Madness


Real Dead One

Real Live Dead One

Real Live One

Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son

Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son

Somewhere In Time

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Virtual XI (+bonus CD3)

Virtual XI (Ltd Ed)

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Donnington Live

From There To Eternity*

Live After Death

Maiden England*



Blk Perimiter Airplane

BlT Army of Eddie

BlT Candle Finger

BlT Eddie w/Axe

BlT Eddie's Claim

BlT Giant Eddie

BlT Number of the Beast

BlT Slashers

BLT Virtual CD

Eddie On Bike Perimeter

Perimeter Chain Eddie

For Immediate Release:


IRON MAIDEN's Entire Album Discography Now Available On Sanctuary/Metal-Is New reissue campaign celebrates the 20th Anniversary of Iron Maiden's breakthrough album, The Number Of the Beast

NEW LIVE ALBUM arrives in stores March 26th

Hallowed be the name of Iron Maiden, positioned in the front ranks of the "New Wave of British Heavy Metal" (as christened by Kerrang! magazine) ever since the 1980 release of their debut single "Running Free" and self-titled debut album. Faithfully led through the years by principal songwriter and bassist Steve Harris and lead guitarist Dave Murray - and escorted by the faithful mascot Eddie - the band stood the test of time in the hard rock wars of the '80s and '90s. Now, as Iron Maiden enters a third decade at the top of the pops, their wholly-owned album catalog is assured of passing down its litany of metal lore to the next generation of headbangers.

Set for release are a fresh new series of 15 limited-edition "vinyl replica" packages, in single sleeve and gatefold configurations, that pay homage to the original LP artwork of the '80s. (When the vinyl replica sleeves are sold-out, the albums will remain available in conventional jewel-box editions.) Thirteen of the 15 contain bonus tracks and multimedia content.

Also to launch during this reissue campaign is the Soundhouse Tapes Promotion. Inside every album will be an Eddie proof-of-purchase sticker. For a limited time, fans will be able to redeem 6 Eddie stickers for a special edition CD issue of the Soundhouse Tapes.

This seminal Iron Maiden discography - comprising 11 original studio albums, and four full-length live albums (two of which are doubles) has been scheduled for March 26th in-store date on Sanctuary/Metal Is.

Individually, the Iron Maiden titles are

  • 1. Iron Maiden (1980)
  • 2.Killers (1981)
  • 3. The Number Of the Beast (1982)
  • 4. Piece Of Mind (1983)
  • 5. Powerslave (1984)
  • 6. Live After Death (1985)
  • 7.Somewhere In Time (1986)
  • 8. Seventh Son Of a Seventh Son (1988)
  • 9.No Prayer For the Dying (1990)
  • 10. Fear Of the Dark (1992)
  • 11. A Real Live One (1993)
  • 12. A Real Dead One (1993)
  • 13. Live At Donington (1993)
  • 14. The X Factor (1995)
  • 15. Virtual XI (1998).
Notes: #1-13 all contain two bonus tracks each that were not included on the original albums of the '80s and '90s, plus special enhanced CD multimedia content featuring full-length videos, exclusive band biographies, photo galleries, Internet links and more. #14 contains no bonus tracks or multimedia content. #11 and #12, originally issued as separate albums six months apart in 1993, and later conjoined as a double-CD in 1998, are now cleaved as separate releases once again.

Another note: One additional 16th title, Best Of the Beast, will be released separately from the other discs in a 2-CD brilliant box later this year.

The Iron Maiden epic unfolds over the course of their album catalog,one of the most influential and uncompromising in the heavy metal pantheon. Harris and Murray were at the core of the original group with lead singer Paul Di'anno that assembled in London in 1976, as a punk-rooted antidote to the art-rock new wave sprouting up in their hometown. After gigging around for nearly two years with no record deal, they cut their own independent 3-song studio EP in 1979, the now-legendary Soundhouse Tapes, which finally earned them a contract with EMI Records.

By the time Iron Maiden recorded its eponymous debut album in early 1980, drummer Clive Burr and guitarist Dennis Stratton were onboard. Stratton, though, barely made it to the end of the year before he was replaced by Adrian Smith. They recorded Killers and went on tour in 1981,including their first visit to North America as opening act for Judas Priest. At the tour's end, Di'anno parted company with Iron Maiden. They quickly recruited 23-year old singer Bruce Dickinson for 1982's The Number Of the Beast album - their first to hit #1 in England - and the "Beast On the Road" Tour.

With the departure of Burr in 1983 and the entrance of drummer Nicko McBrain, Iron Maiden found a lineup that would remain stable for the next seven years. At the same time, Piece Of Mind became their first album to be certified RIAA platinum in the U.S., where they finally headlined their first American tour dates. In the year-end Kerrang! poll, readers voted Piece Of Mind and The Number Of the Beast the #1 and #2 heavy metal LPs of all time.

Iron Maiden's subsequent string of top 20 albums in the U.S. - Powerslave (1984), Live After Death (1985), Somewhere In Time (1986), and Seventh Son Of a Seventh Son (1988), supported by one of the most rigorous touring schedules in the business - including their first headlining appearance at Castle Donington's Monsters Of Rock Festival before an audience of 107,000 - established them as a world-class phenomenon. In early 1990, EMI celebrated Iron Maiden's decade at the British company with an unprecedented 10 releases, each a double mini-album of two 12-inch singles, released in chronological order over 10 consecutive weeks, every one hitting the top 10 on the national chart.

1990 proved to be a transitional growing year for Iron Maiden as well when Janick Gers, who had guested on Bruce Dickinson's solo album Tattooed Millionaire, was brought in to replace Smith, who'd left to pursue a solo career. The band's next two albums were 1990's No Prayer For the Dying and Fear Of the Dark, generally regarded as one of their finest moments, released in 1992.

The massive touring of that year was evidenced on the April 1993 A Real Live One (which reprised five of the 12 songs from Fear Of the Dark among its tracks). The success of this live album of post-'86 songs was bittersweet, as Dickinson announced in May that he would be leaving the band. While a well-publicized "talent search" took place, A Real Dead One was assembled for release in October. It was also culled from the 1992 tour but was comprised entirely of pre-'86 songs. Three weeks later in November, Live At Donington (recorded at their second headline appearance at the legendary outdoor rock festival on August 22, 1992) was released as a limited edition official bootleg.

In January 1994, Birmingham-born Blaze Bayley (formerly of Wolfsbane) was announced as Iron Maiden's new lead singer. He joined Harris, Murray, McBrain, and Gers to record 1995's The X Factor and 1998's Virtual XI. During this period, Iron Maiden commemorated their 50,000,000+ worldwide album sales with the release of Best Of the Beast, spanning 1979-1996.

The new millennium saw the triumphant return of Bruce Dickinson & Adrian Smith to the band and the release of Brave New World, which re-established Iron Maiden in the U.S. The Madison Square Garden date of the Brave New World Tour sold out in 15 minutes, and their headline show at the Rock In Rio festival was performed in front of 250,000 fans and ultimately recorded for the new double album set for release on March 26, Rock In Rio and a DVD of the same name was released in August 2002

LIVE'N'LOUD highly recommends this 2 CD set, complete with lyrics and 2 music videos that can be played on your computer!

Iron Maiden

Sanctuary Records

For Immediate Release:

IRON MAIDEN Releases Casket Box Set Eddie's Archive and Edward The Great Greatest Hits Collection On November 5th Through Portrait/Columbia/Legacy Records!

For 20 years, IRON MAIDEN have been at the forefront of heavy metal worldwide and are viewed by many as one of Britain's greatest musical exports, as highlighted by last year's prestigious Ivor Novello songwriting award.

During this time they have achieved incredible global chart success, some 200 gold and platinum records, sell out tours and huge respect from their peers both old and new. As a celebration Iron Maiden are to release some highly treasured recordings presented in a very special collector's case for their long standing and loyal fans.

EDDIE'S ARCHIVE is to be released by Portrait/Columbia/Legacy Records on November 5th. The set comprises of three double CD's containing the band's earliest live recordings from 1979 through to their headlining performance at Donington in 1988. In addition to this, there will be a compilation of THE BEST OF THE B'SIDES available here for the first time as one collection.

Rod Smallwood, manager of the band since mid 1979, comments "We've been talking for a while about issuing a special release for our fans and I think the live recordings are very important to the history of the band. In fact, other than the Maiden Japan EP and a couple of live B' Sides, there were no live recordings released until Live After Death in 1986. These recordings encompass the early days with Paul Di'Anno through to Bruce Dickinson's arrival. Maiden's career went on from one high to another - it really was a rollercoaster ride! I think they capture the essence of what the band was and still is all about: pure, raw energy, great musicianship and an in-your-face attitude. I've seen the casket and it looks fantastic. This is a great way to celebrate our history with the people who helped us make it."

The set will be presented in a unique 270x190x60 mm limited edition silver Eddie embossed casket. Alongside the music, fans will find a crystal Eddie Head shot glass and an individually numbered Pete Frame family tree on parchment scroll, detailing the complete Iron Maiden history and rolled in a specially designed Eddie ring! Each of the three double CD's have full colour 24 page booklets, two with new Eddie artwork with previously unseen photos of the various line ups; and one based on the original classic '82 tour programme.

The first of the double CD's is entitled BBC ARCHIVES and includes music recorded between 1979 and 1988 for the BBC's Friday Rock Show. Accompanied by notes from the show's long time producer, Tony Wilson, it features Maiden fronted by Paul Di'Anno and their performances at a special Rock Show studio session in October 1979 as the band were breaking onto the scene, and at 1980's Reading Festival where they appeared as Special Guests to UFO. Also documented is Bruce Dickinson's arrival in 1982 and the band's return performance as headliners at the Reading Festival. The double album concludes with songs taken from the band's record breaking capacity show at The Monsters Of Rock Donington festival as part of their 1988 Seventh Son tour. The BBC ARCHIVES double CD is a testament to the live power that is Iron Maiden - no prisoners taken, no quarter given.

Iron Maiden's 1982 "Beast On The Road" tour has taken on a mythical quality among Metal fans as the tour and the album which really put Maiden at the forefront of Rock and Metal worldwide. The historical show from the Hammersmith Odeon has been specially mixed and co-produced for the casket by Steve Harris and the band's long serving sound engineer Doug Hall. This double CD, BEAST OVER HAMMERSMITH clearly illustrates how remarkable and ground breaking the tour was in support of the all time classic album, The Number Of The Beast. The accompanying inlay booklet is a complete recreation of the 'Beast On The Road' tour program and lists all the world tour dates and includes notes from the band written at that time.

The third double CD in the set, BEST OF THE B'SIDES, is accompanied with liner notes written by Iron Maiden's manager Rod Smallwood to guide you through every track. In many ways it is a collection that not only reveals much about the band as individuals and the inherent character of the band, but also provides a real insight into who and where their influences came from.

For the fans among you who buy both singles and albums, you will all be aware that Maiden don't simply stick on another mix of the same single or another album track for their B Sides, but they will always try and come up with something of real quality, and that is both new and different. With this in mind, the band have compiled what they consider to be the BEST OF THE B'SIDES over the years which include all the studio recordings, some of the live recordings (including cover version of songs from their heroes) as well as the occasional humorous, sideways look at themselves and those that have worked with the band.

In full, the track listing of EDDIE'S ARCHIVE is as follows -
Disc 1Disc 2
Friday Rock Show Session 1979Reading Festival 1980
Iron MaidenProwler
Running FreeRemember Tomorrow
SanctuaryRunning Free
Reading Festival 1982
Iron Maiden
Run To The Hills
Monsters Of Rock Festival Donington 1988
Children Of The Damned
The Number of The Beast
22 Acacia Avenue
Infinite Dreams
The Trooper
The Prisoner
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
Hallowed Be Thy Name
The Number Of The Beast
Phantom Of The Opera
Hallowed Be Thy Name
Iron Maiden
Disc 1Disc 2
Murders In The Rue MorgueTransylvania
Wrathchild The Prisoner
Run To The Hills Hallowed Be Thy Name
Children Of The Damned Phantom Of The Opera
The Number of The Beast Iron Maiden
Another Life Sanctuary
Killers Drifter
22 Acacia Avenue Running Free
Total Eclipse Prowler
Disc 1 Disc 2
Burning Ambition All In Your Mind
Drifter - Live Kill Me Ce Soir
Invasion I'm a Mover
Remember Tomorrow - LiveCommunication Breakdown
I've Got The Fire Nodding Donkey Blues
Cross-Eyed Mary Space Station No.5
Rainbow's Gold I Can't See My Feelings
King Of Twilight Roll Over Vic Vella
Reach Out Justice of The Peace
That Girl Judgement Day
Juanita My Generation
The Sheriff Of HuddersfieldDoctor Doctor
Black Bart Blues Blood On The Worlds Hands- Live
Prowler '88 The Aftermath-Live
Charlotte The Harlot '88 Futureal - Live

Iron Maiden will shortly reconvene to start writing and preparing for their next studio album for Columbia Records.

Simultaneously, in recognition of the band's huge and everlasting popularity, Portrait/Columbia/Legacy is to release a TV advertised Greatest Hits album entitled EDWARD THE GREAT which will feature 16 of their biggest hits.

"We appreciate that the majority of our loyal fans will already have all these tracks, but hope like us, they will get a great kick from seeing Iron Maiden TV ads blasting across the nations homes!" says Rod Smallwood. "This Greatest Hits album is aimed at those who need to be initiated into the world of Iron Maiden and Metal, and to make sure everyone clearly understands that EDDIE'S ARCHIVE is for the fans, we have requested that both releases are made on the same day - 4th November! For the avoidance of any doubt, we will also make the amazing new themed EDWARD THE GREAT artwork available as a free download from our website www.ironmaiden.com for our fans as we would not want them to feel obliged to buy a series of tracks they already have in their collection just to get the packaging".

EDWARD THE GREAT hits run as follows:
Run To The Hills The Clairvoyant
The Number Of The Beast Infinite Dreams
Flight Of Icarus Holy Smoke
The TrooperBring Your Daughter to The Slaughter
2 Minutes to Midnight Man On The Edge
Wasted YearsFutureal
Can I Play with MadnessThe Wicker Man
The Evil That Men DoFear Of The Dark (Live in Rio)

The Casket will be released in North America by Portrait/Columbia/Legacy Records.


See more Iron Maiden news on the LIVE'N'LOUD site!

Iron Maiden Remastered and Enhanced

Iron Maiden have re-released their first 9 studio albums and 3 live albums. These new remasters are enhanced CDs with video clips and more. If you haven't checked it out yet, then you need to hear and see Virtual XI scenes from the game Ed Hunter appear in the video "The Angel and The Gambler"

Iron Maiden Mascot Figure Coming in 2002

One of the most recognizable, er, faces in heavy metal - Iron Maiden's Eddie - is coming to a toy store near you in early 2002 courtesy of McFarlane Toys.
Based on the artwork of the seminal 1981 Iron Maiden album Killers, this action figure stands 6 1/2 inches tall, dressed in a rotting shirt and jeans, and armed with an ax. Eddie has eight points of articulation (neck, shoulders, biceps, waist and hips) and includes a custom base.

Just Announced - August 2002!!!

Due to the success of the first Eddie toy, McFarlane Toys will be releasing a new Eddie toy based on The Trooper. Now Available!

Visit Chipster Entertainment and click on the Iron Maiden link in the news section to see larger pix of Eddie!

From their pioneering early- and mid-80s material (Powerslave, Somewhere in Time) to Y2K's Brave New World, Iron Maiden is classic British heavy metal. And their skeletal sidekick Eddie has been along for the entire ride. Maiden fans have been screaming for an Eddie action figure and their wishes have been granted. McFarlane and Maiden: the real number of the Beast.

Bruce Dickinson has just collaborated with Terry Gilliam (Monty Python) and his new film company to make a movie based on The Chemical Wedding. It looks as though Iron Maiden will be supplying the soundtrack!

The Game Iz Finally Here... So Beware, or Iron Maiden's Gonna Get You!

IRON MAIDEN 'Classic Albums' DVD - In Stores December 4th!!!


Not all rock bands in England in the late 1970s were enamored with punk rock. Some of them were still proudly influenced by heavy metal bands like Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple, which punks derisively dismissed as dinosaurs. One of these new bands was Iron Maiden.

There was such a large underground heavy metal movement bubbling up in the U.K. that the British rock press coined an all-encompassing phrase to describe it -- New Wave of British Heavy Metal. The name stuck, and so did its NWOBHM acronym. Within a short time, Iron Maiden had established itself as NWOBHM's dominant band.

Iron Maiden's complex, literate style of heavy metal was bound to yield a masterpiece, and the band made one with 1982's The Number of the Beast. The making of The Number of the Beast is traced in Eagle Eye Media and Pioneer Entertainment's Classic Albums documentary, and it will be released on DVD and VHS home video on December 4, 2001. The DVD includes bonus materials not found on VHS.

Those discussing The Number of the Beast and its enduring power are Iron Maiden leader, bass guitarist and principal songwriter Steve Harris, vocalist Bruce Dickinson, guitarist Adrian Smith, guitarist Dave Murray, drummer Clive Burr (who left the band after the tour for the album), manager Rod Smallwood, producer Martin Birch, Megadeth vocalist/guitarist Dave Mustaine and journalist/official Iron Maiden biographer Mick Wall, among others.

The Number of the Beast was Iron Maiden's third album, but its first with Dickinson. His powerful voice and its broad range were perfect for the incredible songs that had been written. Lyrically speaking, the basic inspiration for Iron Maiden's songs often came from sources like history, literature, films and television, and The Number of the Beast was no exception.

"Run to the Hills" was a landmark heavy metal song in every respect, from its lyrics about the plight of the American Indians to its soaring, utterly brilliant marriage of melody and heavy metal energy. "The Prisoner" was based on the 1960s cult television series of the same name; in Classic Albums, Dickinson visits the show's outdoor set, and the band recalls a funny story about how they witnessed a very nervous Smallwood call "The Prisoner" creator and star Patrick McGoohan and ask for permission to use a soundbite from the show on the album. McGoohan consented with a gruff, two-word response: "Do it!" Smith, who demonstrates guitar parts from several songs during his interview sequences, discusses "22 Acacia Avenue," which he co-wrote with Harris as a sequel to early Iron Maiden favorite "Charlotte the Harlot." Harris talks about the epic "Hallowed Be Thy Name," a song written about the last hours of a condemned man prior to his execution.

The controversy about the album's title track is addressed in detail. The spooky song "The Number of the Beast" is a widely misinterpreted, Edgar Allan Poe-like story rooted in the Bible's New Testament description of the Antichrist, and it's also loosely based on The Omen horror films, which also use this same biblical imagery. However, in the early 1980s, ultraconservative Christian fundamentalists fueled heavy-metal-is-satanic and anti-rock 'n' roll hysteria in America that hadn't gripped the country since rock 'n' roll emerged in the 1950s. Iron Maiden denied accusations that they were devil worshipers; nonetheless, in the face of these ludicrous charges, their concerts were widely picketed and protested.

Iron Maiden
Capitol Records - 1982
  • Invaders
  • Children Of The Damned
  • The Prisoner
  • 22 Acacia Avenue
  • The Number Of The Beast
  • Run To The Hills
  • Gangland
  • Hallowed Be Thy Name

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