History Of The


Because History Of The Synthesizer is covering a wide range of musical styles from musicians world -wide, we are planning on broadcasting this 9-part music documentary in a variety of locations on television. We are seeking to broadcast in


Why is History Of The Synthesizer focusing on these locations? It's simple! We have a lot of musicians, bands, and inventors from these continents. In Europe, we have guests from France, Italy, England, Germany, Sweden, and Norway. We have bands from Japan and Australia. We have guests from coast -to- coast in The United States, and some north of the border. We may have guests from Greece as well.


Other countries will certainly be considered, but these are our main focus at the moment. We also have plans to broadcast the History Of The Synthesizer on the Internet. This will benefit those who aren't in the viewing area when it broadcasts on television. It will also be beneficial to advertisers, helping to promote them to an even larger audience.


Networks and/or stations, distributors, etc. interested in broadcasting History Of The Synthesizer , please feel free to contact the producer, Ethan Nahté @

LIVE'N'LOUD , P.O. Box 29336, Dallas, TX 75229 USA

or via E-mail @

Potential advertisers may contact us as well with letters of intent and any questions you may have. The more legitimate letters of intent that we have to present to broadcasters and distributors, the better chance we have of obtaining prime air-time!