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Unsolicited Testimonials and Thanx

“It was fabulous! The TV show aired 12/13/97. The video is outstanding, we even received our largest new project ever, the video helped.”
– Brent Johnson, President, Ringland-Johnson,Inc.

“Ethan, Thanks for all your support on our new album. Enuff Z’Nuff wishes you a fine ‘99!”
- Chip Z’Nuff & Donnie Vie, Enuff Z’Nuff

“I wanted to thank you for supporting the band and taking the time to bring your gear out to the show last spring in Dallas. It was nice to hang out with someone who's still pushing Metal!!!”
- Charles Edwards, Seraphim Shock

“Ethan was very cooperative and provided some excellent suggestions.”
– Jeff Bell, Marketing Manager, Wayne Farms/Dutch Quality House

"This [script] looks great!"
- Becky, Unlimited Getaway Travel

“Ethan, I appreciate your help with making sure that the image Carlyle presents is consistent.”
– Patty Menghini, Executive Assistant, Carlyle, Inc.

“Your program, Pet Talk, has been selected a finalist in the 6th Annual Crystal Awards competition .”
– James Chefchis, Assistant Director, Cable Access of Dallas, Inc.

“Ethan, thank you for being our cameraman at our Memorial Day concert… let me know if you are interested in manning the camera for us in the future.”
– Kathleen Matsumura, General Manager, Chamber Symphony of the Metrocrest

We were impressed by your preparation for Bruce's appearance and professionalism in production. Bruce said you made him feel very comfortable and made the whole experience very enjoyable.
- Gail Rankin, Vice President of Communications, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

“We were all very impressed by Ethan’s professional, efficient and patient approach to directing and taping.”
– Caryn Cuturic, Marketing Manager, Pines Manufacturing, Inc.

“A very professional looking magazine. Thanks for the great review!”
- David T. Chastain, Southern Gentlemen

This is great stuff! Thanks for the coverage!
- Mark Morton, Chipster PR

“The production crew of Daniel Wolfert and Ethan Nahté was organized and professional and executed on site filming with minimal disruption of our operation… thanks for a great experience.”
– Kevin P. Buck, President, The National Food Laboratory, Inc.

“The production crew was low key and very effective in getting the CEO relaxed and the taping went well.”
– Susan Freschi, Nellcor

“It was a pleasure working with Ethan. He is an extremely professional and creative individual. I know we will be pleased with the end result.”
– Laura Shaw, Executive Secretary to the President & CEO, – The Doe Run Company

“Smooth, good shots, good ideas on site. Ethan was efficient, polite and had good insight.”
– John Ivey, Portec, Inc.

“Glad to hear you're busy and productive. We'll keep you in mind for all our future gigs in Dallas.”
- Jen, Jump Cut Productions

“Thanks for all of your support. Keep spreading the gospel…”
- Barb Dehgan, Publicity, Hollywood Records

“Ethan, thank ‘ya‘ for reviewing our our ‘perdy’ CD and for all the good things you have written about us. You’re cooler than a backyard barbecue and a cold beer!”
- Clay Adams, Pumpjack

“Ethan, I just wanted to drop a line to say THANKS! for the mention in‘Metal Majors’. I really appreciate all your help keeping my name out there...”
“Thank you for the review of Cyberwhore. I’ve already included it in our promo packs.”
- Richard Tull, Cyberwhore

“We’ve got to bow down and give thanks to Ethan Nahté for the high speed article he wrote on us…He certainly had us pegged…”
- Glen Malicki, Strangers

“Thanks for printing Ethan’s favorable review of our demo tape…One record company in Los Angeles has asked for more music and a video. We included Ethan’s review.”
- Tuzy Fenton, Chet Arthur

“Strangers just wanted to say thanks to Harder Beat and Ethan Nahté for the glowing tape review. Tape sales have increased tremendously…”
- Kevin Dell Greer, Strangers

“Thanks very much from Matt Snow for Ethan Nahté’s review of our show at Dallas City Limits.”
- Matt Snow, Jack Miller, Kephen Hanks
Matt Snow Band

“Enclosed you will find your interview with Satriani/Vai. It was great. I look forward to seeing more.”
- Jon Keeyes, Managing Editor, Cabaret

“Just got my hands on the January issue and I felt that I need to thank you and Ethan Nahté for the very kind live action review of Warren Peace. It’s great publications like yours that keep the local music scene alive.”
- Michael Murray, Sr., Manager, Warren Peace

Thanks also for helping to rebuild this kind of music. I wish there were more guys out there with your attitude. Kind regards.........
- Bill Leverty, Firehouse

Hey Guy! Thanks again for the great interview and the link to our page. Looks great! We really appreciate the support. Hope we finally get a chance to meet! Thanks for everything!
Dennis Ward, PC69

“You did a great job using what I sent to come up with a script.”
- Cheryl McNeil, VIP Realtors

“Ethan, great job! You are quite a writer. Thanks so very much! Excellent!”
- Paula Fuoco Davis, Editor, Commitment