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Welcome to P.E.O.N. TX!

The name may sound goofy, but odds are, it caught your attention & stuck in your head. Think about what a pulp was to “educated” people: a cheap, bawdy form of entertainment for the general masses - peons.


  1. What is P.E.O.N. TX?
  2. What is a pulp magazine?
  3. What if I've never read/seen a pulp magazine?
  4. How do I become a member?
  5. How is P.E.O.N. TX different from other book clubs, writing groups, etc.?
  6. When/Where is the next meeting?
  7. Can I bring some of my collection to show?
  8. Can I bring my "Want List" of pulps I'm looking to buy, sell or trade?
  9. I'm a writer/artist. What does P.E.O.N. TX have to offer?

What is P.E.O.N. TX?
This group is meant to be a gathering for individuals who enjoy reading or collecting pulps for the stories, authors or the art. It is where we can share information on collecting, preserving & locating pulps. We discuss a primary topic at each meeting, but the meeting is casual and open to interpretation. We have informative discussions but we also have fun.
P.E.O.N.TX is a place to freely discuss our favorite author/artist and learn about new ones. It is also a potential outlet for authors/artists to show some of their work to other members for critiquing and possibly publishing our own magazine.

Anyone can become a member. At this time, there are no dues or fees. On occasion, there may be a guest speaker, event or screening held that may require a charge, but will be voted on first. Feel free to bring your own drink (preferably in a sealable bottle - No Alcohol).

What are pulps?
Pulps were an inexpensive form of reading entertainment produced on one of the cheapest paper products - pulp wood. Due to the nature of the paper material, the product tended to have a high acid content, causing the magazines to deteriorate. The "hey day" of pulps was primarily between WWI & WWII. There were literally hundreds of titles that covered almost every genre - Action, Sports, Westerns, Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Detective and Horror. Some of todays most well-known writers got their start in the pulps or were heavily influenced by these collectible magazines.

New to pulps?
So you've never read a pulp or maybe have never seen one? Think about it this way: Pulps were the precursor to modern comic books, dime novels and paperbacks. The writers and artists that contributed to pulps weren't just hacks - although some may fit that category. Many of today's well-known artists and writers got their start in the pulps.
If you're new to pulps, then we especially invite you to attend. The club is not just for the die-harad collector. We love to see new faces and hopefully will give you enough information to get you interested in collecting pulps. There's no reason to be embarrassed or feel like you don't belong. If you like reading and/or art, then you'll fit in.

P.E.O.N. TX isn't a normal Book Club/Writer's Group
How are we different than other clubs? Most clubs are dedicated to a specific genre (Mystery, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Poetry, etc.) or, if they are a writing group, their creative writing focuses on a particular style of poetry or prose. Not here. The pulps cover all the genres, including Romance, Action/Adventure, Tall Tales and the others that have already been mentioned. This club also encourages, but does not require, writers to be creative and to share their work or seek advice on writing and getting published.
The same can be said for artists. Pulp art may have had some pieces that could be considered “cheesecake,” but there’s no doubt that some of the pen and ink interiors and the colorful, vivid covers were fantastic works that took the reader beyond their everyday, humdrum life. Artists such as Brundage, Finlay or Fox were well-known and we believe they deserve as much recognition as some of the more famous artists that appear in galleries. We also encourage artists to be a part of the group and discuss their own work as well as the work of the pulps, without being esoteric or pompous. If it’s cool to look at and serves it’s purpose, so be it!

TUESDAY - MARCH 1, 2005 @ 7:30 PM
3701 W. NORTHWEST HWY. #125
DALLAS, TX 75220

Show & Tell
Bring items from your collection to view. Quite honestly, we encourage members to bring items of interest and to talk about them. Members tend to specialize in the genre, author or artist that they like best, so it's normally impossible/improbable that any single member will be knowledgeable about all of the pulps. Hence, if a member wants to head a meeting, all the member has to do is to mention it to Ethan Nahté and he will fit them into the schedule at one of the upcoming meetings.

We encourage you to bring a list or items along that you want to buy, sell or trade. There are times that members pick up a lot or collection of pulps that may include 1 or 2 items of interest and may contain another 2 or 3 pulps that hold no interest at all for them, but may be of interest to you.
Members may also be aware of a dealer or site that has a pulp you're looking for. Some people may not like sharing information because they're afraid that someone else will find what they are looking for before they can get to it. Our members seem to be very free with sharing info.
The club does not take any responsibility for the buying, selling or trading of pulps. The transactions are between the two parties involved and the club does not take any percentage of any sell.

There are many members of the club who write, paint, draw or edit. There is a potential for members to form their own amateur press or "pulp" magazine. We invite members to share ideas on accomplishing this goal.
In the mean time we invite members to bring stories or art to the meeting for critiquing. Sure, you may risk someone not liking your work, but then again, it may be well received or, at the very least, you may receive some insight on how to improve your work. There are also members of the group who are knowledgeable about copyright and trademark information and will be willing to help someone who is new to the field and doesn't know how to properly protect their intellectual property.