Not until I met a certain page editor, Angela, did I know of the disease known as Neuroblastoma. It's a radical and deadly form of cancer. Her young niece, Alexa, had the disease. I say "had" because she died today, June 25, 2008.

I had already made most of this video for a presentation to present at a fundraising event in a couple of months. I proceeded to add a couple of extra photos and Alexa's day of passing as a dedication to the brave young girl who went through so much pain.

As I get time, I will add more info to this page. In the meantime, visit Lunch For Life for more information and to help.

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The song heard during this video is Princess ( 1996, Musica International),
which I thought was appropriate.
The song is performed by
Suzanne Ciani, another cancer survivor.
It is from her album Piannissimo II.

Dedication to Alexa

(This file is 43 Mb. Give it a minute to load.)

A message from Suzanne -
I will gladly allow you to use a song for Alexa's page.
...thank you for giving me the opportunity
to use my music in a meaningful way!

Suzanne Ciani