The E-Mail Notification

Here is the E-mail sent out to the winners for the Van Helsing/Balderston Writing Contest:


You are a winner in the VAN HELSING / John L. Balderston Award for your short story. The winning 10 names are below. The Grand Prize winner is Cindy L. Salazar who will soon have an audience with VAN HELSING writer/director Stephen Sommers. You will ALL be sent a Collectors' Edition DVD of VAN HELSING! Excellent work.
Please contact me with any questions!
Regards, Scott Essman / VISIONARY CINEMA

  • Chris Allen - Georgia
  • Simon Bowler - California
  • Marcus Dallas - California
  • John Dimes - Maryland
  • Ethan Nahté - Texas
  • Nathan T. T. Parker - Maryland
  • Cindy L. Salazar - New Mexico
  • Mike Selles - Texas
  • Jeff Standard - Florida
  • Ahna Young - Illinois

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Halloween 2004

Here's another scene from Kit Lively's Halloween party!
Click on the pic to read the original (longer) version of Dr. Van Helsing's Frankenstein. The version that was selected as one of the winners for the contest had to be 2500 words or less. This version is just short of 4000 words, but is better in describing the story and hopefully giving it a creepier feel.

(L-R)Ethan Nahté, Rebecca Fetch, Maria Halley, Tom Martin (Some Big Lumberjack comic book)